About us

We are a bunch of guys with engineering and other backgrounds, very passionate in our field who want to gather as many of us as possible under the same organization.


We're trying to make challenging and attractive projects with conventional and self-built equipment, always trying to achieve as much as possible from everything. Our main purpose is research, development and integration on EU Research and Innovation trend.

One of our core projects is to build rockets capable of launching small satellites, students', or other organizations' projects high in the sky for research purposes. Through these projects students and researches can learn more about the atmosphere and anything related to it.

We always try to provide educational workshops and help students develop technical skills while working with us on our projects, helping them with their technical curiosities and helping them building experience for their future.


The order is purely alphabetical:

  1. Education
  2. Non-violence: all our projects are not in any way involved or designed to be involved in any operations that would mean harm to individuals or animals
  3. Partnerships: inter-organizational cooperation
  4. Respect
  5. Teamwork